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Entry Guidelines

How to Enter Bronze Quill

  1. Select the categories you wish to enter. Include a separate entry form and work plan for each category entered. Projects developed for or by profit-making or commercial entities should be categorized as profit. Projects for or by an association, charity, government agency or other not-for-profit organization should be categorized as not-for-profit. If you enter a project for a client, submit the entry based on the client's organizational status.
  2. Print and complete one entry form for each category entered. Attach a copy of the entry form to the entry.
  3. Insert one copy of your work sample unmounted in a 3-ring binder Include a two page work plan with your work sample. Read the category instructions carefully for important details; failure to do so could cause your entry to be disqualified. Insert the printed entry form into the inside front pocket of the binder. Mail or deliver your entry to the address below.
  4. You may pay online with Visa or MasterCard at If paying online, please print a copy of your receipt and attach it to the entry. Make checks payable to IABC/Austin. One check may cover multiple entries.
  5. Winners will be notified in early May and, once notified, will need to submit a mounted sample of the winning entry and work plan for display at the awards banquet. Winning entries must be mounted to a 15-by-20-inch black mounting board with a copy of the entry form attached to the back of each board. Larger entries must be mounted on an appropriately sized board.

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Work Plan: Statement of Objectives & Results
We believe that a great communications piece should be judged not just on how it looks — but by the results it achieves. That's why we require each Bronze Quill entry to include a Statement of Objectives and Results (work plan). Your work plan is as important as your work sample and will be displayed with your work sample should you win. The work plan and work sample are each worth 50 percent of your score. The work plan/statement should be no more than two pages and no smaller than 10pt font. You can download a Microsoft Word template here.

Judges will look for content demonstrating careful and imaginative planning, a clearly stated purpose, high and consistent editorial and design standards, and documentation of significant and measurable results achieved in the work plan. At least two judges will review each entry. Winning entrants will be notified about three weeks before the June 3 awards banquet.

If no entries in a category meet the judges' criteria for either a Bronze Quill or an Award of Merit, no award will be given in that category. Multiple awards may be given in a category. Each entry will receive a written evaluation intended as an educational tool for use in learning how to be a more effective communicator.

One award is provided for each winning entry. Unless otherwise specified, the award will contain the same information provided on the entry form. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional awards after the show.

You may submit any project produced between Dec. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2009. You do not have to be a member of IABC/Austin to enter; however, IABC/Austin members receive discounts on entry fees. For information about membership, visit

Entries may be submitted by the early-bird deadline of 6:30 p.m. March 12, 2010, or the procrastinators deadline of 6:30 p.m. March 26, 2010.

Mail or hand-deliver* entries to:
IABC Bronze Quill 2010
c/o Texas Medical Association
Attn: Ellen Terry
401 W. 15th St., Rm. 9A
Austin, TX 78701

*Free visitor parking is available in the TMA building on level P2. You can enter the garage from either eastbound 15th Street or from San Antonio Street. Drop off your entry in Room 9A, ninth floor, 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. If you have questions, contact Ellen Terry at or 512.370.1391

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